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Floral Gossip

The Cut flowers that are available all year round @ your local FLORIST!

We all have our favourite cut flower that brings us memories and joy and most of the time when you crave it to be around you its not in season.

I have dealt with a lot of brides in my career and it really upsets me when they request a type of cut flower that is not in season.

For example Mr & Mrs Peony is only available in Spring into early summer, so if your a bride getting married in May chances are your florist is going to recommend a substitution.

But its not all doom and gloom, because you have other choices. In order to be safe, look into cut flowers that are available all year round.

Below is a list of some cut flowers that i highly recommend. Guaranteed to please without the bad news feeling of finding out its not in season.

Ms Anthurium

Ms Lisianthus

Ms Bird of Paradise

Ms China Aster

Ms Carnation

Ms Chrysanthemum

Mr Lily

Mr Gladioli

Mr Dendrobium Orchid

Mr Phalaenopsis

Ms Rose

Ms Gerbera

Ms Leucadendron

Ms Baby’s Breath