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Who are the Water-holic Cut flowers?

Without water there is no life and when it comes to cut flowers, responsibility plays a very big part of the water equation as every cut flower has its own drinking water requirements.

Yes they can be blooming fussy and demanding at times, but i promise when you understand what goes with what and how they like they’re water, its smooth blooming from here.

How many times you have bought cut flower and discovered that they didn’t last long and the water in the vase is almost at minimal level.

The reason is clear some cut flowers drink water more than most. So i thought i would share some cut flower examples that are the stand out water-holics of our cut flower community.

Ms Hydrangea

Ms Sunflower

Ms Calendula

Mr & Mrs. Peony

Ms Lilac

Mr Alstroemeria

Mr Iris

Mr Tulip

Ms Gerbera

Ms Dahlia

Ms Anemone